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One Mission - Each and every Jain Location is listed on Jain Map. We invite you to bring to light the Jain Temple near you. Let's Share!
Jain Map

Salient Features of Jaindata

  • Anyone can bring to light the Jain Temple, Jain Dharamshala near him.
  • Exact to the scale Jain Map to find the exact Jain Temple, Jain Dharamshala location. No more indicative Maps!
  • Detailed information can be submitted for a Temple, Dharamshala including-
    • How to reach? Nearest Bus Depot, Railway Station, Airport.
    • Contact information including Address, Phone, Email, Website and Contact Person.
    • Facilities like Transport, Food, Accomdation, ATM & Bank, Fuel, Medical Aid.
  • Starting with Jain Temples, we have introduced Jain Photos, Jain SMS and Jain News. More is on the way...


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