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Shri Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra, Kunthalgiri

Address Sub-District -Bhoom, District -Osmanabad, Maharashtra 413503
Contact Address
Nearby Main City Beed, Barshi, Osmanabad -60km
Phone Number(s) 02478 276860
Type Siddha_Kshetra
No. Of temples 11
Mulnayak Idol Deshbhushan_Kulbhushan
Built In
Exists Today?
Major Events Annual Gatherings on Marga Shirsha Shukla Purnima and Acharya Shantisagar Mahapunya Tithi Bhadrapad Shukla Dwitiya.
Temple Info Deshbhushan Kulbhushan attainted Nirwaan from here during the time of Munisuvaratnath Tirthankar. Both were prince of a state, due to some unexpected event both were inspired to accept asceticism to achieve salvation. During their stay at Kunthalgiri, once upon a time while Ram – Lakshmana with Seeta were in nearby forest during their 14 years period of living in forest, they heard uproar and many terrible sounds on the hill. They came to know that an enemy of previous life was troubling both saints, Ram = Lakshman then went to hill and freed them from trouble (Upsarga). At the same time both the ascetic saints attained Kevalgyan (Super natural knowledge) and also salvation from there. White stone idols of Deshbhushan and Kulbhushan are installed in the main temple on the small hill (150 steps). Charitra Chakravarti Aachayra Shantisagar Maharaj attained Samadhi (to end the physical existence in the state of self realization & self purification reducing the affection ness, anger and spiritual ignorance etc. the ailments of soul) here in the year 1955. A memorial has been constructed close to the Chandraprabhu Temple, where the Samadhi took place. There are 11 temples in all, with 7 on the hill and 4 at the foot of the hill. All of them are unique and worth see. The trust runs School for nearby children and also a Bramhachaysham. People visit the place all the year round. The complete place is well maintained and managed with various religions events taking place all the year round.
Management Trust: Shri Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra, Kunthalgiri President: Shri Arvind Ravji Doshi. Secretary: Shri Valchand Nanchand Sanghvi (02112 -222426) Organizer: Shri Shah U. R. (02478 - 276860)
Locality: Bhoom  |   District: Osmanabad
State: Maharashtra  |   Country: India
Easiest Way By bus from Beed -60km
By Train Kurdwadi Railway Station 75km, Solapur Railway Station 120km
By Bus Kunthalgiri fata -2km, Bhoom 12km, Beed 60km
By Air
Tyagi Nivas
Total Capacity 2000
Info\Details Normal Rooms -45, Attached -28, Hall 1, Guest House -1, VIP suits -1.
Jain Bhojanalaya
First Aid\Medical Not available.
Other Facilities Schools: 1. Shri Deshbhushan Kulbhushan Bramhachari Ashram, 2. Shri Deshbushan Kulbhushan School.
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Roopa said-
on 2/25/2011 2:06:11 AM
Siddh kshetra Kunthalgiri is very beutiful place. At least once in life every one has to visit. Thre is an ashram school for boys.from std Vth to X. I think the boys are very lucky to stay and study their. The place is maintained very clean and holy. All the visitors donate willingly to this kshetra and money is utilised for construction and maintenance and good works.
v.k.jain said-
on 3/30/2011 12:56:32 AM
what about weather there cold or hot and what is the best time to visit there pls tell me v.k.jain delhi
S.P.Jain said-
on 7/21/2011 11:11:40 PM
Pl. tell me the nearest airport and How to reach from airport to Siddha Kshetra, Kunthalgiri


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