Let's Share


Jai Jinendra! We invite you to Share the Jain Temple near you, or the one you recently visited is known to everyone. Lets try and make sure that each and every Jain Temple is listed. This will help the community to easily find Jain Temples worldwide, when people are on a Jain Yatra, Casual Travel, business visit, etc. Similarly now you can share Jain Photos, Jain SMS, Jain News. A lot more is on the way...

Before you start Sharing please register yourself with the website and activate your account via email. We need to verify the source of contribution to avoid misuse of the website.

There are 300+ jain websites already available? why Jaindata.com?

Yes, there are 300+ jain websites that are already available and provide information about Jain Temples, Jain Literature, etc. and they are really good. But the very fact that there are 300 websites results in fragmantation and duplication of information. There is no central place for Jain Information. It is a very difficult task to keep the Information upto date.

How will Jaindata.com solve the above problem?

Jaindata believes in contribution by the community as a whole. If each one of us is are able to Share Jain Temples and other information around us, we can generate huge amount of data that will not only cover all places, but will be accurate and most importantly, can be kept up-to-date.

Jaindata provides easy to use forms that any person with basic computer knowlege can fill in. You dont have to send information to anyone or request anyone, to share your temple with everyone.

The point to note is that it's the community that is generating the temple information and it's the community who is managing information. This ensures that there is no dependency on a group of people, a region on even an Orgranization (which is the case with all other websites today).