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Bahubali Kumbhoj Bramhcharya and Vidyapeeth Atishaya Kshetra

Address Bahubali Kumbhoj, Hatkadngale District: Kolhapur. Maharashtra – 416110
Contact Address
Nearby Main City Kolhapur- 30km
Phone Number(s) Bottom of hill: 0230- 258442, 2584881, Hill: 2584438
Type Atishay_Kshetra
No. Of temples 66
Mulnayak Idol Bahubali
Built In 12th Century
Exists Today?
Major Events
Temple Info Known by the Idol of Lord Bahubali in standing posture (28 feet in hight); installed in 1963. The idol is installed close to the feet of the hill and can be seen from kms away from the hill. From the idol until the very bottom of the hill there are 14 models of Siddha Khetras and Tirthankar Nirwaan locations. Models: -In the back side of this idol there are 6 other you can see models of Mangitungi, Gajpantha, Taranga, Sonagiri and Pavagiri sidha kshetra. -On the right you can see a huge Kailash Parvat models where 72 temples models made in stone and cement. Then you have Girnarji depicting Prince Neminath 'Viaragya' event in front. This is also worth to be seen. -On the left you see a huge model of Sammeed Shikharji with all the 'tonks' Below this you have 8 more smaller models that depict other Siddha Khetra's. Coming down on the right side you have side Mahaveer Digmabar Jain 'Jal Mandir' temple. and on the left you have 'Ratnatrya' Digambar Jain temple. Further down you continue to see more Digambar Jain Temples with 'Samavshran Temple', 'Sahastrakut Temple' and 'Bahubali Temple', 'Manastambha', and also Acharya Shantisagar and Acharya Samatbhadra Memorials. Temples on the hill (380 steps): Lord Bahubali (6 feet in hight) was installed in Vikram Samvat 2418. Top of this temple there is a small room were Lord Adinath (1.10 feet) is installed.In front of this temple a small Column of Dignity is also here. Uper side of 'Sahastrakut' Jain Temple there is another 'Gandhakuti' temple. In this temple 8 idols are installed. In 'Swayambhu Jain Temple' Lord Adinath (3.2 feet in hight) is installed in sitting posture. Hill's Digambar Jain Temples: (i) Lord Bahubali Digambar Jain Temple. (ii) Lord Shantinath Digambar Jain Temple. (iii) Lord Chandaprabhu Digambar Jain Temple. (iv) Lord Adinath Digambar Jain Temple. (v) Column of Dignity. A Swadhyay Bhavan, where shivirs and classes happen all the year round is also present at the bottom. More than 1000 Students study in the Gurukul under Bahubali University. There is constant rush of Pilgrims all the year round. The huge area with all the temples, Gurukul, Hill area, etc. is very well maintained is under and run by Digambar Jain Trust over years.
Management Trust: Shri bahubali Bramhacharyasham and Vidhyapeeth Atishay Kshetra, Babubali. Chairman: Shri Arvind Doshi, Mumbai (022 - 23636916) Presidents: 1. Shri Kallapanna Baburao Awade (Bahubali University) [0230 - 2436161] 2. Shri Sanatkumar Baburao Arwade (Bramhacharyasham) [0233 - 2671088] Secretary: Shri Dadasaheb Chavgonda Patil (0231 - 2653316) Organizer: Shri Bharbhutvanappa Bedge (0230 - 2584882)
Locality: Kumbhoj Bahubali  |   District: Kolhapur
State: Maharashtra  |   Country: India
Easiest Way From Hatkalangane by Bus or Jeep
By Train Hatkalangane -8km, Kolhapur 30km, Miraj 35km
By Bus Hatkalangane -8km, Kolhapur 30km, Miraj 35km
By Air Pune International Airport 250km.
Tyagi Nivas
Total Capacity 400
Info\Details Normal Rooms- 10; Attached Rooms- 20; Hall- 4; Guest House 2.
Jain Bhojanalaya
First Aid\Medical Yes
Fuel NOT available, better to arrange at Kolhapur
Other Facilities
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