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Shri Digambar Jain Siddhakshetra, SameedShikharji

Address At Post- Madhuban, District- Giridiha, Jharkhand - 825329
Contact Address
Nearby Main City Giridiha - 32 km, Isri - 23 Km
Phone Number(s) 06558-232228, 232209, 232361; 06558- 232291, 232292
Type Siddha_Kshetra
No. Of temples 1
Mulnayak Idol Ajitnath
Built In Shashwat Tirthdham
Exists Today?
Major Events
Temple Info This is know as Teerthraj (King of Teerths). Shri Sameed Shikharji Teerth Kshetra has the top rank among all the Jain Teerth Kshetras, being the salvation place of 20 Teerthankaras and large number of saints. Usually all the 24 Tirthankars attain Salvation from here. In addition, infinite number ascetic saints/munies also attained salvation from here. Impact of pilgrimage of infinite ascetic’s salvation places is such that an ocean of devotion evades in the heart of pilgrims all the year round Pandit Dhyanatraiji has written in his ‘Pooja’- "Ek baar Bande jo koi, tako narak pashugati na hoi" if one goes for adoration of Sammed Shikharji once in his life, he does not go in lives of animal and in the hell. According to ethics if a person adorates Sameed Shikharji engaging his full mind and heart (i.e. with full devotion), he attains salvation in maximum 49 lives of his near future and thus he gets free from worldly affairs, affection and aversion. This all happens by thinking about the work of Teerthankaras their life free from worldly affairs, their penance and meditation, by thinking about the preaches they delivered in Samavsharan and ultimately applying their education and principles in ones life by accepting ascetism. This way this Kshetra is highly sacred. Due to sacredness, so many cruel animals living here in the forest like lion tiger etc., never harm to pilgrims even while coming in front of each other.
Management Various committes that are established and collectively look after Sameed Shikharji Kshetra: --Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Committe Beespanthi Kothi- 06557- 235889, 232209 --Digambar Jain Terapanthi Kothi- 06558- 232291, 232292 --Madhyalok Shodh Sansthan- 06558- 232257 --Uttar Pradesh Prakash Bhavan- 06558- 06558- 232366/67/71 --Shaswat Trust Bhavan- 06558- 232314, 232378 --Digmabar Jain Museum Shodh Samiti- 06558- 232253, 0731- 3657024 --Aacharya Sumatisagar Tyagi Vrati Ashram- 06558 -232261 --Digambar Jain Mandir Chopada Kund- 06558- 232347, 232245 --Digambar Jain Yatri Nivar Tirth Kshetra Committee- 06558- 232265 --Digambar Jain Taran Taaran Kothi- 094319- 73981 --Digambar Jain Lamenchu Bhavan- 06558- 232403 --Shree Aninda Parswanath Jinalaya- 06558- 232215 --Sanmati Saadhana Sadan- 06558- 232218 --Niharika- 09431366638
Locality: Madhuban  |   District: Giridih
State: Jharkhand  |   Country: India
Easiest Way From Giridhih on Madhuban main line, On Gaya Kolkata road from Parswanth Railway Station to Madhuban
By Train Parswnath Railway Station -23km, Giridh Railway Station 32 km.
By Bus Giridih Bus Stand.
By Air h Airport Patna, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport Kolkata
Tyagi Nivas
Total Capacity 4500
Info\Details Normal Room- 300 ; Attached Room - 280; Hall- 30; Guest House -15
Jain Bhojanalaya
First Aid\Medical Hospital with decent medical facilities are available.
Fuel yes, available.
ATM/Banks yes, available.
Other Facilities
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ashu jain said-
on 7/21/2011 9:53:47 PM
hai it is great that u r prividing information regarding shikarji it will be a great help if u can provide phone no of niharkia hotel as the no given by you is not working waiting 4 ur reply
mahendra patni said-
on 8/29/2011 10:04:34 AM
you have doing very good work to help yatri for shikharji darshan god bless you


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