Shri Prashwanath Digambar Jain (Pahad) Mandir, Ellora (Verul)

Address Parsvanath Pahar Atishaya Kshetra Digambar Jain Temple and Gurukul, Ellora Taluka - Khultabad, Dist. Aurangabad (Maharashtra) 431102
Nearby Main City Aurangabad -30km
Phone Number(s) 02437 -244590, 094216 - 86778 (Manager)
Email NA
Website NA
Social Media NA
Info Source NA
Type Atishay Kshetra No. Of temples 2
Mulnayak Idol Parshwanath
Built In 7th Century Exists Today?
Major Events Anual Gathering on Ashwin Shuddha Ashtami
Temple Info Ancient caves of Ellora are famous all over the world for the fantastic art of sculpture and colorful paintings. Here are 34 caves, among them Jain caves are only five (cave no. 30 to cave no.34). Jain Cave no 30: In sanctuary (garbhagrah) Tirthankar's sculpture but not clear which Tirthankar. There are other idols on left and right side wall. Jain Cave no 31: Main idol is destroyed (4 feet in height) and on the left side wall there is Lord Parshvanath idol (6 feet in hight). Jain Cave no 32: This cave known as 'Indrasabha'. This cave is bigger then other caves. In sanctuary Lord Mahaveer in semi sitting posture (Ardh Padmasana, 5.5 feet in hight). There is another sculpture of Lord Parshvanath in standing posture (12 feet in hight). Jain Cave no 33: Lord Parshvanath and Lord Neminath but all sculptures are destroyed. Jain Cave no 34: Lord Parshvanath in semi sitting posture. Lord Parshvanath Jain Temple: There is a Parsvanath Temple on hill In the back of these caves. Lord Parshvanath with nine serpent hoods. 16 feet in height and 9 feet in width. A 200 student Hostel with Medical Facilities with Guest is available. A Digambar Jain Gurukul runs under the blessings of Aacharya Shri Samantbhardra Maharaj and Acharya Shir Aryanandi Maharaj.
Management Organizations:
1. Shri Parshwanath Bramhacharyashram (Gurukul), Ellora.
2. Shri Parshwanath Digambar (Pahad) Jain Mandir, Ellora.
President: Shri Vardhaman Pande (0240 2350018)
Trustee: Shri Pannalal Gangwal (0240 2350018)
Organizaer: Shri Rajendra Jain, Ellora (02437 - 244409)
Temple Map
Locality: District: Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra Country: India
Easiest Way Via Aurangabad
By Train Aurangabad- 30km, Chalisgaon- 60km
By Bus Aurangabad- 30km, Kannad- 30km
By Air Chikkalthana Airport Aurangabad- 30km
Available? Tyagi Nivas
Total Capacity 200
Info\Details Normal Rooms- 10, Attached Rooms- 7, Hall- 4; Government Guest House.
Jain Bhojanalaya STD/PCO
Library School
First Aid\Medical NA
Fuel Not available. Auragabad -30km
ATM/Banks Not available. Auragabad -30km
Other Facilities High School and Technical school is run by trust.
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