Shri Digambar Jain Atishay Shetra, Padampura (Baada)

Address SubDistrict-Chaakus, District-Jaipur, Rajasthan - 303903
Nearby Main City Jaipur-30KM
Phone Number(s) 01429 277225, 277210, 098750 10020
Email NA
Website NA
Social Media NA
Info Source NA
Type Atishay Kshetra No. Of temples 1
Mulnayak Idol Padmaprabhu
Built In 1945 Exists Today?
Major Events Annual Gathering is held on Vaishakh Shukla 5, Falgun Krishna 4. Annual procession & main function on Dashehara (Vijaya Dashami)
Temple Info In the year 1945, an idol of Bhagwaan Padamprabhu was found while digging in a house of Moola Jaat. Miracles: Before appearing of this idol the entire village was suffering with the problems water & diseases. After the appearance of this idol, full of miracles, the problem of water vanished, death of animals, due to various diseases was stopped and after many years, villagers got a rich crop. Shri Mahorilalji Godha donated the land to construct a unique circular temple made of marble, whose beautiful spine is 85 feet high. Foundation Stone of this temple was laid by Sir Seth Shri Bhagchandji Soni of Ajmer. This beautiful idol of Bhagwan Padamprabhu is installed on a high shrine in the middle of this circular temple and there are 10 more shrines in which idol of Lord Bahubali, Lord Mahaveer, Lord Padamprabhu, Lord Rishabhadeo and Lord Naminath etc. are installed. In the open field in front of the main temple a 27 feet high colossus of Bhagwan Padamprabhu is standing, it is very attractive. Google Map shows the exact location of the Temple.
Management Trust: Shri Digambar Jain Atishay Kshetra, Padampura prabandhakarini Samit.
President: Shri Bhaagchand Toonga, Niwaai (01438 222087)
Trustee: Shri Nyaanchand Zaanzari (0141 2322108 9829013094)
Organizer: Shri Rajkumar Patni (01429 277225, 09351550231)
Temple Map
Locality: Shivdaspura District: Jaipur
State: Rajasthan Country: India
Easiest Way By Bus available from Ajmeri gate, Jaipur To Padampura.
By Train Shivdaspura, Padampura - 7KM
By Bus Padampura (Baada) on Mandir's gate.
By Air NA
Available? Tyagi Nivas
Total Capacity 1000
Info\Details Attached Rooms - 132.
Normal Rooms - 60.
Halls - 2 with capacity of 60.
Jain Bhojanalaya STD/PCO
Library School
First Aid\Medical Yes, available, Allopathy.
Fuel NA
ATM/Banks NA
Other Facilities NA
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