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Shri Digambar Jain Aitshay Shetra, Sanghiji, Sanganer

Address Jain Mohalla, Sanganer, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302029
Contact Address
Nearby Main City Jaipur 14KM
Phone Number(s) 0141 2730390, 2731952, 3227338
Type Atishay_Kshetra
No. Of temples 8
Mulnayak Idol Adinath
Built In 4000 years ago, 10th Century.
Exists Today?
Major Events
Temple Info The ancient Shri Digamber Jain temple of Sanganer is 16 km from Jaipur. Sanganer town situated 13-14 km south of the Jaipur City on National Highway No. 12, Kota - Jaipur Road. Shri Digamber Jain temple Sanghiji is a jewel of town. In this temple the Principal Deity the Lord Adinath (Rishabh Dev), the first tirthankar are supposed to be 4000 years old. The ancient Shri Digamber Jain temple of Sanganer has fine carvings that are comparable to the Dilwara temples of Mount Abu that are built in many phases. Last phase of this spectacular temple was completed in 10th century A.D., according to inscription of V.S. 1011 in one of the pylons (Toranas). It has sky-high 'shikharas' (spires) and the inner sanctum is a stone shrine with skyhigh eight Shikharas (Pinnacles). This temple is seven storied. The whole of the temple is made of red stone with attractive images carved. In the midst of of underground portion, there is located an ancient small temple guarded by the Yaksha (Devas) it is said that only a Balyati ascetic digamber saint can only enter in it and able to bring out the Idols of this underground temple for a limited period, which is declared and decided previously. The idols thus brought out for viewing (Darshan) of devotees, must be placed back with in auspicious signs. These idols were recently removed for viewing by Muni Shri Sudha sagarji Maharaj. The beautiful nij-mandir (inner temple) is a stone shrine with three pinnacles. In the centre is an idol of Parshwanath with 7 serpent hoods. All around it, are carvings of lotuses, creepers and elephants pouring water from pitchers held in their trunks. But the main idol is that of Adinath, installed in the shrine behind this. Google Map shows the Exact Location of the Temple.
Management Shri Bhavarlal Saugani (0141 - 2730409) Shri Premchand Baj (098291 79740) Shri Narendra Kumar Pandya (0141-2730065, 098290 17533) Shri Sureshkumarji Jain, 'Pawaaliyawale' (094149 33239) Shri Bhaagchand Chaabda (0141 - 2732064)
Locality: Jaipur  |   District: Jaipur
State: Rajasthan  |   Country: India
Easiest Way Bus no. 201 at every 10 min interval from Ajmeri gate Jaipur
By Train Jaipur Junction 15KM
By Bus Jaipur Bus Stand 14KM
By Air
Tyagi Nivas
Total Capacity 200
Info\Details Attached Rooms - 2, Normal Rooms - 30, AC Rooms - 07, Halls - 2
Jain Bhojanalaya
First Aid\Medical Homeopathy
Other Facilities Old Age Home
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vivek jain laghunandan kavi said-
on 2/14/2011 12:12:41 AM
mere sab kuchh sanganer vale baba hai maire ist dev sanganer vale baba hai mara jivan unke liy hai agar vah kahe to mai unko apne pran de sakta hun"meme shree sanganer vale baba ka bidhan banaya hai "


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